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Go Fish Magazine offers a free subscription to their quarterly digital magazine that also includes fishing videos, photos, fishing articles with the best fishing magazines available. GoFishMagazine also gives readers a chance to comment on fishing articles, fishing videos, fishing photos and fishing news posts.

Writers include John Beath, Chris Batin & Lydia Lohrer

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Fish Alaska is the best Alaska Print Magazine on the market today. If you are looking for Alaska fishing articles you MUST have a subscription to Fish Alaska Magazine.

This Alaska fishing magazine takes you to every corner of Alaska, from fresh water lakes, to rivers and creeks and the productive Alaska saltwater fisheries.

 <<< Subscriptions cost just $30 per year.

Salmon & Steelhead Journal is a high quality fishing magazine devoted to salmon and steelhead fishing.

This salmon and steelhead fishing magazine takes readers throughout the West Coast, Great Lakes and New York. Where ever there's salmon and steelhead, Salmon & Steelhead Journal writes about it.

<<< Subscriptions cost just $22 per year.

Subscribers to Salmon & Steelhead Journal receive the Traveling Angler Magazine as part of their subscription.

The Traveling Angler takes readers to the very best fishing locations in the world. You will read about big salmon, trout, steelhead, halibut and many other great game fish. This is a must-have fishing magazine.

<<< Subscriptions cost just $22 per year.



Catch Magazine is a fly fishing magazine devoted to fly fishing the world. This fly fishing online magazine is the graphically most beautiful fishing magazine in the world today. highly recommends Catch Fly Fishing Magazine to anyone who enjoys fly fishing.

Sport Fishing Magazine is a premier fishing magazine devoted to saltwater angling around the world.

Editor Doug Olander is one of the finest writers, photographers and edits this magazine to a world-class fishing magazine.

<<< Subscriptions cost just $19.97 3 years.

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John Beath's Concentrated Super Scent was developed by halibut anglers for halibut anglers! It has the very best halibut bait ingredients including: Herring, Squid, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab & Octopus. Super Scent comes in a 4 ounce bottle of oil, tube of paste or a special "soak" formula designed to penetrate and permeate into plastic lures. The oil can be used on all bait or lures; the paste works well on artificial lures like jigs. Click here to order...  click here for information about Fool-A-Fish UV spray

New Fishing Video from John Beath

John Beath's Secrets of the Pros video is a brand new instructional video that teaches anglers the art of using whole herring, how to land big fish, brine bait, sharpen hooks, tie leaders, fillet salmon, fish shadow lines and much much more. This video is a must have for salmon anglers! Order your copy today for just $19.95 which includes free shipping.



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Looking for some great Alaska trophy salmon fishing check out Kenai  River Salmon Guide

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